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Essentially we all want to move and feel better, improve our performance in life and/or in sports, and many of us also want to look good doing it. 


Goals are personal and the best ones allow our lives to spiral out! 

In 1:1 Personal Training my job is to work with you to address your needs so that we can move seamlessly towards your goals.  Your job is to turn up, consistently.

Personal 1:1 Training includes

Initial goal setting


Assessments and Testing

Individualised training program 
Training sessions that address your needs and goals
Continual ongoing assessments

Benefits of working with a Personal Fitness Coach 

Helps to address your needs and progress towards your goals

Fully customised principle based workout programs

Complete assessments and programs that focus on what is important to you

You master exercise techniques for safe and effective progressions with a qualified fitness instructor

Access to many different personal coaching techniques

You are coached safely and responsibly

From £49 per session

Contact me to discuss available training dates and times.

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Devon, United Kingdom

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