Strength & Mobility

Small Group Training


This may be all the training you need!
The goal is to show up consistently, mix mobility, strength, and endurance seamlessly through our training, and to enjoy the process.

  • Build lean muscle mass and change your body composition - ideal for fat loss

  • Develop your strength and power endurance - a perfect resource for runners, martial artists, and other power athletes.

  • Increase flexibility and your joint mobility and stability - to become more resilient

  • This training will have your body moving as one unit again - great for athletic development and health

Move well and be strong for life!

Small group training

Tuesday and Fridays - 06:00 - 07:00  

*Booking required

Coach: Colin Dent Original Strength Level 2 Coach | Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified (HKC) Instructor | Exercise Specialist |

Sports Conditioning Coach

Location: Devoncourt, Exmouth, EX8 2EX

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Devon, United Kingdom

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