Pressing RESET Clinic

Pressing RESET for the Everyday Person is a 2 hour introduction the Original Strength movement restoration system with Colin Dent (OS Level 2 Coach).


Do you spend too much time at a desk and starting to feel limitations?


You have just gone through rehabilitation and need to take the next step.

You want to start training, but are not sure where to start.

You exercise but often feel pain, and need to do a lot of flexibility and mobility work?

You are training but have stagnated or starting to decline.

You generally feel uncomfortable in your movement, your energy is low and you are starting to feel aches and pains.

Learn a simple way to restore your body back to the way it was intended to be and move. Join me for this 2 hour clinic and practice the resets that are based on our developmental movement patterns that will change your life.

Our developmental movement patterns originally taught us how to move correctly. We can revisit these patterns and press reset on our bodies so that the aches and pains begin to disappear and strength and mobility returns, so that we can express ourselves optimally.

When people start moving better, they start feeling better. And when they start feeling better, they are more successful, energetic and happy. They start lifting all of the people around them too.

Original Strength Pressing RESET  is for anyone, no matter your age, health, or physical condition.

You will learn how to perform variations of the big 5 RESETS:



Head Control


Rocking and

Contra-lateral movements

This movement-based clinic will show you how to press RESET on your body to help unlock the nervous system, which improves movement and performance, decreases stress, betters posture, and will leave you feeling better than when you started.

You will learn how the human body (your body) is capable of remembering the way it was created to move and get to see how good it feels to move the way you were intended to move.

Some people see changes in a very short time, others take longer, but everyone experiences changes if Pressing RESET regularly and consistently, even if for just a few minutes a day.

We will focus on exploring the "Big 5" Resets and once you’ve gotten familiar with a few resets, I will give ‘RESET Routine’ and a shorter 3 minute RESET routine that you can implement whenever and where ever you want.

Strength coach & Author Dan John says, "I began breathing, rocking, and nodding. Every day, I got on the ground and did what I could. Every day.  My doctor and therapist were amazed.”

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Price: £      per person and includes a clinic booklet.


Bonus: when you book for this workshop you will receive a 3 hour Spa voucher at the Devoncourt Leisure Club

Spaces are limited & payment will be required to reserve your place.


I look forward to you joining me, for an introduction to Pressing RESET.

pressing reset clinic

"I would wholeheartedly recommend Colin’s interesting and enjoyable workshop on ‘Pressing RESET’. He gave a very clear introduction and excellent explanations and demonstrations of all the exercises involved in the RESET programme, with plenty of opportunity to try them out under his expert supervision. I felt rejuvenated at the end and keen to put this into practice at home. The booklet which we were given was very useful and served as a clear reminder of all the exercises. He was inspirational in encouraging us to use and to adapt these exercises to suit our particular needs and limitations, showing how beneficial this can be for future health and fitness. An excellent session"


Exmouth, Devon

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Devon, United Kingdom

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