Press RESET Class

We were made to be capable & resilient for a lifetime!


The Original Strength Press Reset Class will increase your ability to engage in life & will leave you feeling great.


In the Press RESET class, we will strengthen your foundation by tapping into your neuromuscular system and pressing reset on your body.  

When we revisiting our developmental movements we regain our foundation for better health and become more capable and resilient.

For all ages and abilities, we start where you are.

Side effects:

Improved Reflexive Strength

Stronger & more integrated CORE
Better Movement
Better Mobility, Flexibility & Balance
Better Posture
Healthy & Resilient Joints
Improved Pelvic floor function

*Booking Required*

Price: £10 per session 

Location: 16 Douglas Avenue, EX8 2EX, Exmouth

Instructor: Colin Dent | Original Strength RESET PRO

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Devon, United Kingdom

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