Press Reset to re-discover how you were designed to move!

We all have a pre-programmed movement template inside our nervous system that never leaves us and when you engage in this original template you press your body’s reset button!


As infants, we progressed through a series of developmental movements that strengthened our nervous system making us strong healthy adults.


We were not built for the modern-day lifestyle


The problem is that our body is not designed for modern-day habits and over time a range of issues start showing up such as unhealthy posture, shoulders, lower back, pelvic floor, also diseases such as diabetes and obesity, general weight gain, excessive ageing and mental health issues.


Pressing Reset


To Press Reset, we focus on the basic developmental movements, that we originally did as infants to build our reflexive strength.  Crazy right! Pressing Reset means we can restore our movement and health by doing what we were designed to do.


When we do these basic movements, the brain receives valuable information from the nervous system via the vestibula system.  With this information, the brain builds new neural connections, restores old ones and makes the current ones more efficient.


This makes us reflexively stronger, healthier, more resilient and capable.


The Developmental Movements we focus on when Pressing Reset, are foundational to all the other movements that the body can express. 


-          Diaphragmatic Breathing

-          Head Control

-          Rolling

-          Rocking

-          Crawling


Some people see changes quickly, others may see changes over a longer time, but everyone experiences changes if Pressing RESET regularly and consistently, even for just a few minutes a day.


Pressing Reset can help you, regardless of your age, physical or mental abilities to breathe, move, and live better. 

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Devon, United Kingdom

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